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360 Photos and Videos

It has come to my attention that 360 Panoramic picture and 360 degree videos are something that has many people excited in their use and application. Here at 32Studios, we provide the services to generate that kind of media for you if you want to take advance of it’s benefits when presenting your next event to the world. We specialize in 360 video development. Whether you want to take your audience through a panoramic journey of your favorite rappers’ neighborhoods, or display in wonderful 3D the marriage of someone special in your family, we offer these services. For a flat rate fee of $10.00 per hour, we can surely bring your next project to life for display on your custom website or to be embedded. Thanks for visiting and check out the link below as an example of the kind of content we can create:

In this video, if you control the W A S D keys on the left side of your keyboard, you can control where you are looking. We offer services that can stitch the video for you for either Youtube 360 upload or embedding it in your HTML5 web site. With our 360 Video development service, you can reach a wider audience. You can contact us at 3dprinting@magichandsrepair.com with your event and the content you want developed. We provide all the video making tools and everything. So, we charge you for the rental of the video equipment and a flat per hour fee rate on how long it takes to develop and stitch the video. Then we send you back a stitched form of the video for upload to Youtube on your own or we can upload for you as well. If you are interested on how to stitch the video, visit my blog post Here to find out. In the subject header, please write 360 Video or 360 Pano depending on which service you are requesting.


The above link takes you to a google street panorama picture. With our 360 panoramic development service, we can do something like that custom for you website as well. If you have content that you want to turn into a panorama without spending an arm and a leg for the development, send us an email and we will see what we can do for you. Thanks

As usual, if you have creations that you want to release to the world, feel free to leave comments on here and I will be glad to work with you to see how we can expand on that. Thanks for your time reading my website and have a good day

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