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Introducing a 3D WebVR Lounge powered by A-Frame. If you want to learn how to develop 3D WebVR experiences, check this out. Over the last 20 years, the Internet has changed the way regular people communicate or even shop. The Internet has brought us life altering services such as Paypal, eBay, Facebook, and Google just to say the least. Each of these companies share something in common; they understand our love for the web and the services we need on the day to day basis that help facilitate our lives. From making it easier to connect with friends, to easily buying and selling goods, the internet has no doubt played a vital role in 21st century life. 32Studios is on the fore-front of the next generation of technologies that will revamp and flip life upside just like it’s prior counterparts did. Introducing the wonder-child of the WebVR world; A-Frame.


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Introducing A-Frame

A-Frame is best described as a JavaScript library that sits on top of three.js and WebGL and allows us to make WebVR experiences naturally using HTML. A-Frame is a very diverse and powerful library that just hit the Internet. It allows you to create and render 3D scenes with ease using HTML. The Entity-Component scheme is a wonderful hierarchy that makes coding in A-Frame very fun if you love coding for the web. The best part is that, you can use A-Frame in addition to regular HTML DOM elements to create really complex Immersive websites. A-Frame can be accessed through desktop and mobile phones with the latest Firefox, Chrome, or Safari updates. I have tested it on my computer and an iPhone 6 so this framework is very stable. It runs 360 Videos, Photos, and allows you to render 3D scenes right within the web browser. Can you repeat that again? It allows your to render 3D graphics through a Web Browser with ease

How can I use A-Frame

A-Frames has a variety of uses. It could be used as a 360 Picture viewer, a 360 video viewer and a full 3D rendered scene where the user (client) can navigate and have access to things. The use depends on the job at hand and visit my previous blog posts about how A-Frames looks as a video and photo renderer. Today, I will focus on how to use A-Frame as a 3D scene renderer with interaction.


LOUNGEx32STUDIOS is a website that uses the A-Frame platform to create an Immersive WebVR experience. It’s only compatible with the desktop right now due to performance and control issues. A-Frame really makes it easy to develop models and import them into the Web browser for rendering. I will not go over the process of how exactly I made this because I will go into more detail on 3D drawing in another design post. The point of this article is to share with you the first 3D space I am releasing. In order to view this, make sure you can run the Mozilla A-Frames flawlessly on your browser before you proceed. This lounge is a 3D rendering that runs through your browser. By visiting this link, you access the lounge here. Once you click it, give it a couple seconds to completely load. Once it’s loaded, use your mouse and aim for the floor then press W to roam inside the Cafe. You can walk up to the VR headsets, the 3DPrinters, or the Computer to gain access to the special content on the site. There is a SoundCloud Embed that allows you to listen to some music while you relax in the lounge. Another great add on is Gamepad support. If you have an Xbox 360 Controller, you can hook it up to your PC and move around the website using it. While you are in the space, feel free to move around and enjoy what is the marvel of modern technology

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This was just a short introduction to full WebVR experiences created with A-Frame. This works so well, I cannot help but think of other areas I can implement it. With upgrades and tweaks, you could potentially have online malls, online grocery store, online movie theaters. The 3D environment just opened itself to the web and it gives us a range of new abilities to express, communicate, and share our stories. What would you do with this? What stores would you build? I am building over at IMMERSION the world’s largest Networked 3D space. These tools will need all the people and resources who really believe this project right here will change the world and the way things are done. If you enjoyed my blog post, feel free to leave a comment, message or anything. You can also access my store through the lounge by clicking one of the VR headsets. I print those too so if you are in need for one to get the best experience of the Immersion platform. Thanks to my mom, the contributors that made this happen, the Mozilla team for created A-Frame and the wonderful thinkers that looked up this blog. Thank you so much for your time and I can’t wait to Invent the Future with you guys. Click Enter Site to access the Lounge. Enjoy!


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