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ImmersionVisuals: A Virtual Walk-through Application

ImmersionVisuals is a Virtual Walk-through Application. It allows you to create 3D scenes you can share with your family or business client.

You can head over to ImmersionVisuals and check out how the platform works in more details

What does ImmersionVisuals Do?

ImmersionVisuals allows you to express yourself using 3D technologies. When interacting with the web, you use a variety of applications and languages to express yourself. 3D technologies and languages are rapidly evolving and are becoming a de-facto standard medium through which personal expression can be shared and generated. We provide out software as a solution to make it dead simple to create and interact with 3D environments. The best part is, these environments are like frames or windows which allow you to completely surf the web like you naturally know how to. In addition to not changing how you do things, these frames, windows, 3D embeds allow you to pack rich information. That information can be used to share some news with your clients, entice them with your new offer, display an experimental result, etc. Whatever need you might have that involves the internet and communicating a message to someone else, use our 3D products. Our 3D products will help you convey that message better than you have been communicating before. This allows you to create more robust teams and leaving you time to take care of the extra things you would rather tend to.

Who can use ImmersionVisuals?

ImmersionVisuals is really simple to use. It was made for a range of experts who find interest in panoramic photography, virtual reality, business, and marketing. This product was made for people passionate about their ideas and lack the visual communication tools to share it. Anyone can access this platform and use it really. It is heavily intertwined with social networks which makes mass adoption more likely. If you are familiar with YouTube, you can you ImmersionVisuals. It’s just as easy. Another common thing we share with YouTube are the frame EMBEDS. Just like you can EMBED a YouTube video into your website or blog, you can do the same thing with ImmersionVisuals. Just feel free to copy and paste the embed code on these showcases on your website or blog. This showcase also highlights the fact that there are different sectors and needs that could well work with this software. Here are a couple we have tried and found success with:

ImmersionVisuals: User Interface

Anyone can interact create a visual walk-through with ImmersionVisuals. Instead of word directions, these frames are full of visual cues that instruct the user on what to do next. These frames could make a great teaching aid if implemented correctly. Right now, the user side of the interface only supports the generation of single scenes. This is key. 3D technology is really complex and messy at the back end so it’s my job to make it as completely automated as possible to reduce the frustration level when interacting with the platform. So right now, users can upload their own panoramas and add hotspots for single scenes. These scenes can then be linked together to form a narrative. Here is an example of the ImmersionVisuals user interface:

This is the interface (scene) that you generate by using the user interface system.

ImmersionVisuals: Client Interface/Virtual Walk-through

Some users of the platform are not interested in making the 3D scenes and they have no problem contracting the work out to a local service provider listed on the website. Service providers are local developers that can assist you in the creation of more complex panorama scenes. The additional investment through these developers is worth it as you can create content rich scenes for you audience to consume for a very long time. Here is an example of a listing created by ImmersionVisuals selling a ContainerHome. The scene itself is a visual walk-through of the home being sold. By visually communicating the product to the customer, our client has a lot better chance of getting a sale through.
This is the portion of ImmersionVisuals that will sit on the client’s website. The relationship with service providers is meant to be a long one. That means, the frames are dynamic so little to no maintenance from the client is needed after the embed. It’s almost like it updates itself.

Client frame virtual-walkthrough. Assets that require walk-throughs now have a web 3D interface. This has a multitude of uses

I’m Interested. What should I do?

If you see the promise this technology has, I would encourage you to sign up to ImmersionVisuals and create a scene you can share with your friends. After getting to use the asset and the hotspot editor, you should be ready to create 3D walk-throughs for projects you can use at work, for promoting events, building a brand, updating and displaying store inventory, virtual directions any reason you have. I guarantee you this software can help. It also comes with a VR headset with allows you to truly WOW your customers with your product. 2D meets 3D and ImmersionVisuals makes sharing it easy. If you have any specific needs or markets that could benefit from 3D walkthroughs, feel free to leave a comment below. I will be glad to hear from you guys’ ideas.

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