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What is ImmersionVisuals Places?


Location Based Applications

ImmersionVisuals is a software that generates 3D scenes you can use in your custom websites. The real power of this software comes with building specific applications for it. With this addition, we are developing the Places application which is where I am betting my efforts. Location based services have been on the rise and the need for an all inclusive package that can act as a search engine is where we want to gain a foothold in the market. I believe there is a market for a computer service that can give it’s users location awareness. What this means is, we can use this software to generate a places application that is intelligent. It can provide the solutions to the list of service problems below:

  • Recommending social events in a city[1]
  • Requesting the nearest business or service, such as an ATM, restaurant or a retail store
  • Turn by turn navigation to any address
  • Assistive Healthcare Systems[27]
  • Locating people on a map displayed on the mobile phone
  • Receiving alerts, such as notification of a sale on gas or warning of a traffic jam
  • Location-based mobile advertising
  • Asset recovery combined with active RF to find, for example, stolen assets in containers where GPS would not work
  • Contextualizing learning and research
  • Games where your location is part of the game play, for example your movements during your day make your avatar move in the game or your position unlocks content.
  • Real-time Q&A revolving around restaurants, services, and other venues

Places Interface

Here is a short walk-through on how to use the interface. Version 1.0 of our API only supports the continental US. We organize the data using zip codes and that is how users can retrieve the data. All data on the API is automatically virtual reality enabled. I am going for a yellow pages + Google Maps + Facebook + Twitter + YouTube type interface that can take all of this data and give it to you in 3D scenes that can be shared and used easily without downloading plugins. The images are panoramic, so that combined with some javascript allows us the 3D effect we essentially need to simulate a walk-through.

Example Maps Interface


This example would be an example result map if you searched for hotels near Blacksburg. Here is the first page of the interface. After you type in your zip code into the application, it finds the page with the data relevant to that location and it returns it as a map. The page could also have filters that can provide the users with different services based on different filter overlays.
The pins and locations on the map is there to guide users through panoramas created by ImmersionVisuals software that has all the information about the place contained in the 360 picture scene. ImmersionVisuals takes care of finding a relevant image, creating a scene for it and inputting data within the scene. The places application allows you to access a map made of these scenes that can give you relevant information fulfilling the list of services that make it a location based application. The fun thing about this application is the filter options could be physical places or virtual places. This creates a new kind of directory that perfectly meshes the physical world and the virtual world together. This is really the application that could foster the rise of the digital economy.

Example Maps Interface 2

Movies near Blacksburg Query: Frank’s Theatre

Once you click on one of the pins, you access the interface above you can use to view the links related to the map pin. I am also working on a system that allows you to build custom filters. These filters can be categorized into recognizable icons that will take part of a master map key. From this interface, you can do basic things such as view movie times, watch previews, book a spot at the theatre in advance. The whole point of these embeds is to visualize your intentions. This software helps you do that. That is what I am selling to people who want to use it. I want to give you a tool that can help you visualize what you think about the most. Visual paths or breakthroughs are more likely to help you achieve your goals/plans. Extensive research has been done about vision boards and how it can guide you towards a better balance with life. These embeds are pretty much vision boards you are sharing with your friends.

We have pretty much explored all the layers of the places app. The goal of this application is to fulfill the list of demands by being a location based service application. Refer to the list above. The goal of this app is to be some sort of a directory. You access it when you need to be aware of opportunities around your location. I am targeting pretty much anyone who is familiar with using snapchat and facebook efficiently. I would say millenials and the generation after them? Leave your comments about how you feel I should build this. The first build is in progress and since this is a
data intensive app, it takes time for it to be developed. I would keep you updated but we will see how far we can go with this one. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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