Vidmer. Virtual Reality ad platform

Vidmer. Virtual Reality ad platform.


Your phone is an extension of the world. It has leverage.

The mobile phone that was designed for the customer of today comes packed with a myriad of specs, that could lead to a refreshing and organic shopping experience. Gone are the days of waiting for items to go on sale and spending an enormous time clipping coupons to find some real savings. Vidmer Corporation is a company I just started with some of my friends and the business model we incorporated is a special product includes many ideas from previous iterations of shopping platforms I have developed here. Ideas from BlinkShopping, Immersion Places, ImmersionVisuals, PerspecTV come together to create a dynamic platform that leverages the social activity feed of facebook and the nearby instant and real time location ad platform that craigslist offers. What makes this platform different from two is the way it integrates both the social feed and the map interface with a Virtual Reality/AR interface to facilitate the trade of everyday goods. This tutorial will be a brief intro into how Vidmer works. Remember, Video Immersion for commerce. It’s not what we build, it’s about why we build it. In this case, we are building a essentially a real time social trading platform. I believe location based apps can empower customers to shop and trade like never before. Without further ado, introducing Vidmer.


1. Login Page (photocred: Verdran Beric and Dribbble). You login to access the platform and access the main page

Vidmer is primarily composed of what I call channels or streams. Each stream is a highway of data that comprises solely of information from that specific local area. So, the website is broken down into zip codes compatible only in the continental 50 states of the United States. To access your local stream, you type in the corresponding zip code. In my case, it’s 24060 (Blacksburg, Virginia).


2. Enter your Zip Code to access your local stream. (photocred: Raechel Zahrn)

Then you land into the exploration page. This is really the heart of Vidmer right here. On this page, you will have a rotating top navigation bar that lets you select different categories. Categories could be health and beauty, fashion, shopping, eating. By clicking a main category, you can access a subcategory such as suits under fashion. By clicking the suits panel, you can access the map interface.

v1.0 sidenote: On this update, you can have custom categories created by public users. You can have users add each other and share custom categories with each other. Categories hold pins which are localized resources of value.


3. Explore Navigation Page. This is how you can select the category you would like to explore. (photocred: Yalantis and Dribbble)

Then after you click the subcategory you want, it drops some pins on the map interface. You can select which location you would like to access relevant to you chosen category. In this example, the flow was: Blacksburg(24060) > customCategory > BlacksburgTopBusinesses and this is the map interface for it. You can apply this workflow to any city in the United States really. Now that I am in the map feed, I can see two things. I can see the activity feed and I can see the map interface. You can fetch the BlacskburgTopBusiness feed by clicking the green button. By clicking it, all the business appear. You can filter it and click the one you are interested in. Then you can either request direction or access the Virtual Reality/AR interface.

v1.0 sidenote: the activity stream can be made dynamic similar to the facebook feed. This way, new pins can be added dynamically. This will add a whole new level of fun and interactivity with this localized platform


4. Vidmer Map Interface

5. We have already talked about the VR interface, refer to my previous post

Vidmer Maps Interface

Blacksburg Top Businesses

As you can see, you can use this interface to access the VR/AR portions of this website. The next possible upgrades to the platform would be to start marketing this to some businesses. They can sign up for free and have a microsite on the Vidmer Network so that way orders can actually be made through this interface. This local interaction with the consumer is what I consider the key edge with Vidmer among the competition. That along with the real time nature of the activity feed.

Some upgrades I will include in the next section will be categories, the ability to upload your own pins. We will see how it goes. I hope you enjoyed this update. Vidmer is coming along and the next update should be as exciting as this one was. If you have any ideas how to improve this, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks

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