Vidmer AR Interface

Vidmer AR Interface


Places Prototype

Vidmer is a VR ad platform that allows you to find nearby things of interest. Queries can range from nearest parking garages to friends in nearby restaurants. The AR interface is only exclusive to ANDROID mobile phones for now because of WebRTC compatibility issues. This demo was tested using a SAMSUNG S5 but it can be tested on many more models. The requirements for this app is the same as all the others. The latest edition of the Firefox web browser. If you somehow are interested in this and you happen to have the requirements fulfilled, head over to the next section and find out how you could have access to this soon.


An interface like this is my all in one solution to the a myriad of service problems. I want to be able to use an interface like this to network talented individuals regardless of distance. On that very same token, I would like to use distance as a factor when using this app because I expect people base their decision off just that. Distance pretty much becomes the key metric of value for this platform. My aim is to get everything you need closer to you and a way where you can access it. Here is a brief list of service problems this interface is aiming to solve:

  • Recommending social events in a city[1]
  • Requesting the nearest business or service, such as an ATM, restaurant or a retail store
  • Turn by turn navigation to any address
  • Assistive Healthcare Systems[27]
  • Locating people on a map displayed on the mobile phone
  • Receiving alerts, such as notification of a sale on gas or warning of a traffic jam
  • Location-based mobile advertising
  • Asset recovery combined with active RF to find, for example, stolen assets in containers where GPS would not work
  • Contextualizing learning and research
  • Games where your location is part of the game play, for example your movements during your day make your avatar move in the game or your position unlocks content.
  • Real-time Q&A revolving around restaurants, services, and other venues

Upcoming Updates

There is a still a lot to work on with this platform before it can be ready practically but it’s nice to see that some of the features we aimed for are starting to work. I am mainly focusing on a way to integrate social networks into this so recommendations can be made by the platform powered by social data. Other upgrades could include building a real time Q and A system on top of the current interface.

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