Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

Looking for some smart home automation ideas? Introducing the Smart Home Automation package from 32Studios. The first edition of this smart home package comes with a control hub (Beaglebone ARM computer). The control hub is needed by default in your smart home automation package because you will need a central computer located very close to the router to do all the processing for you.

This is our electronic switch. Commands will be sent here to open or close the path to leave the light ON/OFF

Smart Home Automation has been some sort of a dormant rising trend in architecture and social circles today for many reasons. Although it’s not yet common, some places have found success with it including hotels, luxury apartment buildings, yatchs, modern skyscraper apartments, luxury gated community homes; it’s time we brought some of these electronic amenities to our house. Well, I wanted these features in my house, so I went ahead to see what I could do to make that happen. On the way, I stumbled into the Smart Home Automation package. This is a list of electronics products we sell designed after these prototypes we show you that will enable you to convert your house into a more efficient digital Smart home with Automation. The products we sell come in modules. The control hub is given to you when you subscribe and it features a microcomputer with an ARM processor to do the analysis and controls. You can shop our catalog for lots of other modules to add to your control unit. From the relay module we are about to introduce to you to sensors that keep track of your heating and cooling in the house, we got it all. These are electronic products aimed at making your house power efficient.

This is the wiring job to make the power adapter connect to the relay

Monitor your energy usage like never before using these smart power outlets. Take complete control of your power use and turn it into an asset. These smart power adapters like the prototype you see wired above have the ability to keep track of your power usage and recommend you better ways to save on this month’s electric bill.

We use USB cords with everything so why don’t we include it in our power plugs? Take advantage of these USB AC wall plugs all designed from this prototype you are seeing. Elevate your house from stone age power plugs to something more efficient and effective in this digital age. Your tablets and cell phones would appreciate this a lot!

This is the controller hub’s main page.

The control hub is a microcomputer that can be anything you want it to be. From turning on your stereo to playing your favorite games, it can also help you with your indoor plants or outdoor garden if you have one. It can alert you if there’s leaks in the house. Our carbon monoxide detector module can alert you by text if theres a fire in the house while automatically contacting the authorities. You can add soo much more features to this control hub. It all comes down to you and what your house needs are.

Another view at the process involving making our power adapter smart.

In addition to making this power adapter smart, turn all the gadgets in your house smart thanks to 32Studios Smart Home Automation products. The control hub comes with your subscription to the catalog and the modules are bought by you on a need basis. Without further ado, check out the smart adapter in action turning my living room lamp through a custom web interface.

What do you think about a kitchen computer? It’s just a tablet that sits below your counter and helps you with cooking? What about a smart home system like this designed for the elderly to give them some confidence. With this, they can definitely take care of themselves in their own homes. Leave comments or questions if you would like to add anything. I would love to hear it.

lights off remote command

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