Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation Looking for some smart home automation ideas? Introducing the Smart Home Automation package from 32Studios. The first edition of this smart home package comes with a control hub (Beaglebone ARM computer). The control hub is needed by default in your smart home automation package because you will need a central computer located […]

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From 360 to 3D. WalkAbout Worldsx32Studios

From 360 Spherical Panorama to 3D. Walkabout Worldsx32Studios Introduction We spent the better part of 2016 trying to convince everyone we knew here at 32Studios that VR was the future. As we have been relentlessly on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of our VR scenes while maintaining a low memory footprint and […]

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ImmersionVisuals Places


What is ImmersionVisuals Places? ImmersionVisuals is a software that generates 3D scenes you can use in your custom websites. The real power of this software comes with building specific applications for it. With this addition, we are developing the Places application which is where I am betting my efforts. Location based services have been on […]

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ImmersionVisuals: A Virtual Walk-through Application

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ImmersionVisuals is a Virtual Walk-through Application. It allows you to create 3D scenes you can share with your family or business client. You can head over to ImmersionVisuals and check out how the platform works in more details What does ImmersionVisuals Do? ImmersionVisuals allows you to express yourself using 3D technologies. When interacting with the […]

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