Managing your content efficiently

1. Content Management is crucial!

To prevent your data from becoming disorganizing and downright painful for users to navigate through, we offer maintenance and upkeep for your website. Upkeep is included with content creation so we help you design new content for your 3D site AND maintain the old content for you.

You have access to your site through a backend interface that allows you to modify, add, delete content and users on the fly.

We provide assistance and expertise in developing and maintaining your 3D site


2. Content Creation is part of Content Management

Both are pretty much the same and we charge for both in 3 tiers. Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate

Here are the content management plans we have so far. The amount of features you website has determines the maintenance price. All contracts are month to month

Content Creation Packages

  • economy: $0.99 a month (great for static websites) [no 3D features]
  • 3D economy: $2.99 a month (great for simple 3D websites) [up to 3 features]
  • deluxe: $4.99 a month (great for medium complexity 3D websites) [ar support, simple 3D modeling, up to 5 features]
  • ultimate: $6.99 a month (great for high complexity 3D enabled sites) [arduino, nodejs,, all features]

Social Media Content Package

  • Marketing Starter Pack: $5.99 a month (Starter social networking pack includes twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, snapchat). We create the pages for you and maintain it. By expanding your social media presence, you can pull in more customers and engage with them efficiently which increases brand loyalty. Add REST API abilities to your page so it does more work!
For the duration of the plan, we help you develop content for your site based on the features you picked and your preferences. What a deal! BACK