Choosing the right template for you

1. Flat Pages

Flat pages are non WebGL pages. Flat websites pages are compatible with every web browser regardless of device. Your static page includes all the data formats available on the web. Flat websites are useful for content sharing, presentations, information sharing, visualizations, comments, posts, and contact boxes (emails). Click the image for more examples.

Vertical scrolling to read through website

2. 3D Pages

3D pages are WebGL enabled websites that result in a visually stunning multimedia package. 3D websites have been shown to be more engaging that flat websites. The added space and detail of 3D models make this the perfect medium of communication for businesses and creative individuals looking to grow their business in the next couple years.

Click and drag to rotate around the website. This is a 360 (3D) picture

What is WebGL?

WebGL is a website library that allows you to add 3D graphics into websites. 3D on the web allows you to share more interactive/engaging content that relates very closely to the physical world. With 3D, you have a better chance at communicating directly to the client you want and close a business deal. You also have a better chance of selling your products so this is by default the website template we pick and recommend for all our clients.