Developing your creative vision

1. Start with a website template

This is the answer to your first question. If you can find out what you trying to use the website for and how you will measure the metric to determine success; you can proceeed on to the next step.

Website template options available here

2. Choose a website layout

The layout is the basic architecture of your site. This is the foundation on top of what everything else is built. This is pretty much the back bone of your side. This guide will walk through the popular templates used for each template.

Website layout examples here

3. Find and populate content streams

The internet is built on content. To properly communicate with your clients, you will need to regularly create content that can better guide your clients where you want them to go. You know them way better than we do so you can use content modules embedded in your website to achieve your goals.

*Step 2 and 3 can be completed by downloading the creative vision doc and filling it out. After you are finished, copy the whole doc and paste it in the contact me section on the homepage along with your name and organization.